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Women's Maternity Dresses

Shop maternity dresses at Kohl's and find everything you need to stay comfortable and stylish during your pregnancy. Be ready for both casual weekend errands and family parties, business meetings and weddings. Maternity dresses are designed to keep you comfortable at every stage of your pregnancy, beautifully accommodating your baby belly and flattering your changing figure. And you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort and silhouette ? Kohl's maternity dresses incorporate all the latest trends. These aren't your mother's maternity dresses smothered in giant bows and oversized floral patterns!

Explore long sleeve maternity dresses, sleeveless maternity dresses and many more styles, so you can be comfortable no matter the season. Find casually comfy t-shirt dresses as well as professional sheaths. Browse little black maternity dresses, pretty blue maternity dresses and bold red maternity dresses as well as a variety of other stunning shades. Discover pretty lace details, bright and modern florals and classic wrap maternity dresses as well as hi-low hems, maternity maxi dresses and geometric swing dresses. No matter your personal style, Kohl's has the perfect maternity dresses to suit your taste.