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Maternity Clothing

Find your perfect mommy-to-be wardrobe with Maternity Clothing from Kohl's! We have a flattering range of trendy and chic pregnancy clothing including maternity tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear for added comfort and support. Get ready to enjoy the best selection of cute and functional apparel from the brands you know and trust. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the apparel you need to be prepared for every season and any event!

For first-time mothers, pregnancy is an exciting time to think about your little one and all the memories you'll create together. But it can also be a little nerve-wracking when it comes to finding the right maternity clothing that's both functional and fashionable. Kohl's makes it easy to find maternity basics that can be worn both during pregnancy and after your little one has arrived.

When to Buy Maternity Clothing

Not everyone experiences pregnancy the same way or begins wearing maternity clothing at the same time. Therefore, the ideal time to purchase pregnancy clothes depends on you. In general, many women begin to show at 20 weeks, but there is variability depending on a number of factors including your height, weight, and body type. However, if you experience any of the following signs, then it may be time to make the purchase:

  • Feeling bloated all day, every day
  • Your baby bump can no longer hide under your shirt
  • You're unable to button shirts all the way down
  • You're no long able to button up shorts or pants

What Size Pregnancy Clothes to Buy

Stock up on new styles of maternity t-shirts, jeans, and comfortable underwear each step of the way for additional support and to accommodate your bump! From nursing tops to nursing accessories, we have just what you need to help you prepare for your little one's arrival. And with a variety of brands available including Playtex, a glow, and Jockey, you'll love the convenience and comfortable design of your everyday maternity essentials!

While one won't be needed right away, a nursing bra is a must-have for any new mom. Stock up on our wide selection of stylish nursing bras that help make it easier to nurse discreetly anytime, anywhere. Explore nursing bras in a variety of sizes and styles to find the perfect option for any new mother! And if you're not sure what size you need, check out this nursing bra size chart to help you find the perfect fit!

What to Look for in Maternity Clothing

We understand that shopping for maternity clothing is an investment. Therefore, you want to find quality clothes and accessories that will last you beyond the bump. When conducting your search, pay attention to the fabric of the clothes you're purchasing. Flexible or stretch fabric in women's maternity tops, maternity dresses and maternity bottoms will give you more flexibility as your body develops during your pregnancy. Furthermore, garments that go sheer when stretched or grow with your bump are beneficial long-term. The important thing is to think beyond pregnancy when purchasing maternity clothing to keep you feeling comfortable and glamorous for your nine months and beyond.

Maternity Styles for Every Occasion

Look and feel your best on the job with women's maternity career clothing from Kohl's! Simple and stylish, you'll find a great fit for casual or semi-professional workplaces. Searching for the best maternity workout clothes or a sporty style for everyday wear? Our collection of pregnancy clothing comes in a variety of shorts, leggings, and pants styles to suit any activity. Take things up a notch with a snap-shoulder or knot-front maternity dress for special events or a night out on the town. And to complete your look with comfortable footwear, don't forget to shop our line of women's shoes to support your journey.

Being a mom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fashion for function. Enjoy the benefits of both when you shop the latest maternity clothing at Kohl's! Find all your apparel essentials at Kohl's, and take your look to a whole new level!