Maternity Tops

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Maternity Clothing

Welcome her to motherhood with clothing designed to grow along with her. Kohl’s cares for the whole mother, from top to bottom, including professional and work-ready attire. In addition, we have got comfy clothes for lounging and clothing specifically designed for breastfeeding and nursing needs. She will be well-equipped for her new life in maternity clothing and accessories from Kohl’s, featuring some of the top brands available. Be sure to get something for the new baby, too!

Maternity Dresses

Elegance and comfort: yes, they are allowed to be in the same place at the same time. Reveal your curves with confidence and style in one of Kohl’s lovely and flexible maternity dresses. Choose among long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless options in all colors of the rainbow. Ideal for work function, formal events and more, our selection of maternity dresses will leave your peers breathless. Constructed with spandex and other stretchy fabrics to support and comfort to your changing dimensions, these dresses allow you to maintain maneuverability and look good doing it.

Maternity Tops

We’ve come a long way from the boxy tops of the 1990s. Kohl’s cares about your changing dimensions and offers a lovely selection of tops meant to caress and respond to your curves with suppleness and flexibility. Kohl’s has some of the top brands available, all designed to provide lasting comfort throughout your motherhood odyssey. Enjoy stretchy spandex material that will adapt to your changing shape and provide breathable fit for months to come. Whether you are off to work, to workout, to a picnic or just putting your feet up, Kohl’s has the maternity tops to keep you comfortable throughout this transformative time in your life. Top it all off with a toy for the baby!

Maternity Pants, Jeans, Leggings & Capris

Kohl’s has got you covered, from top to bottom. Pregnancy calls for flexible fabric designed to grow and go with you. We’ve got maternity pants, jeans, leggings, jeggings, capris and shorts from some of the top brands around. No matter the event, season or reason, maternity pants from Kohl’s will have you looking and feeling confident. Whether you are practicing pilates, yoga or simply taking it easy, we’ve got the maternity pants to suit your activity level. If it gets hot, we have got shorts and capris ready to adapt to your changing comfort level. For cold weather, Kohl’s has a variety of jeans, leggings, jeggings and more to keep you covered and comfy throughout the miracle of maternity. Help her setup baby’s environment with some great gifts from Kohl’s.

Maternity Nursing Clothing & Bras

Maternity clothing adds multiple elements to your ensemble: practicality and comfort come first. Kohl’s cares to provide women with clothing tailor-made to adapt to the needs of motherhood and the new baby. Breastfeeding on the go calls for adaptability and flexibility: Kohl’s has new mothers covered.

Nursing Camisoles & Tank Tops

Fit: Camisoles and tank tops provide every mom the comfort and ease they need for nursing.

Functionality: Easy, one-handed clasps, inner slings and supportive shelf bra make the nursing camisole great for layering or wearing on it's own.

Nursing Tees & Tops

Fit: For moms looking for a stylish nursing alternative designed for comfort. From trendy popovers to easy surplice necklines, there's a style that matches your needs.

Functionality: Featuring surplice necklines and breathable material that allow for easy access and movement.

Nursing & Breastfeeding Accessories

Being a mother is a full time job that often requires one to hold down a full time job (you know, the kind that pays the bills), too. This reality means pumping at work, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Ensure that she has all of the proper equipment to do so by checking out Kohl’s incredible offerings of nursing and breastfeeding accessories. One popular breast pump accessory kit offers all the essentials needed for cleaning, including bottles marked with easy-to-read volume marks. Importantly, all parts that touch breast milk are BPA-free.