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Women's Mother of the Bride Dresses & Gowns

Mother of the bride dresses and gowns from Kohl's will make you feel amazing on your child's big day. Here, you'll find gorgeous patterns and designs, as well as classic styles from some of the top fashion designers. Whether the weddings you're attending are morning, afternoon or evening, black tie or beach casual, we can help you find the perfect sheaths, long dresses, fit and flare styles suited for the special occasion. Let Kohl's be your destination for women's mother of the bride dresses available in regular, plus and petite sizes from all of your favorite brands.

Evening Mother of the Bride Dresses

Finding the right dress to wear to a wedding doesn't have to be tricky. In some cases, long dresses are preferred for evening attire, but that's not always the case. An elegant choice for an evening out, opt for figure-flattering dresses that feature a sheer shawl overlay or a sequined trim. You can also celebrate in sophisticated style with a flattering wrap dress or look absolutely elegant in a long satin dress. No matter which style you choose, be sure to complete your chic attire with a comfortable pair of women's heels, sandals or flats.

Daytime Mother of the Bride Dresses

Embrace your daytime look with a chic, geometric dress with an accompanying jacket and an embellished neckline. Daytime weddings tend to be a little less formal, which means that you can choose a short dress style like a cocktail dress, sheath dress, or even a jumpsuit. And if the temperature is on the warmer side, opt for cold shoulder or strapless options. Once you find the perfect daytime mother of the bride dress or gown, consider adding fashion jewelry to elevate your look to new heights.

Dress Colors to Avoid

When it comes to dressing up for a wedding, you'll likely begin searching for endless bold patterns and colors or more subtle neutral looks. But in recent years, wedding etiquette has changed - including the colors that you shouldn't wear. In short, you'll want to avoid anything that could potentially upstage the bride on her special day. When figuring out what to wear to a wedding here are a few colors you should think twice about before donning:

  • White/Ivory - If there is one color that you should absolutely avoid, it's a white dress. The majority of brides wear white dresses to their wedding, so the bride must be able to stand out at her wedding - and yes, even if your dress is ivory or off-white. Basically, try to stay away from any color or pattern that could be construed as white or ivory.
  • Bridal Party Colors - It can be awkward blending in with the bridesmaids if you're not a part of the wedding party. If you're unable to get a heads-up on what color they will be wearing, one of the best ways to find out the bridal party color is to look at the wedding invitations. For example, if the invitations have mint green accents, they will likely be wearing some variation of mint green.
  • Bright Colors/Patterns - It's important to try to blend in with everyone else. Otherwise, bright colors and patterns like sparkly metallics and shimmery dresses can be very distracting.

Choose These Colors Instead

Choose a dress with earth tones or a pastel color palette such as pink, light purple, or a pale blue. Not only do they look great on any skin tone but they're soft, warm colors that look flattering without taking away the focus on the bride. Additional fresh colors and patterns include:

Red Dresses

Blue Dresses

Black Dresses

While you're here, don't forget to stock up on pantyhose, dressy handbags, and other accessories to go with your cute new wedding guest dress. Find dresses with one of our beautiful women's jackets to match, or explore mini-dresses to suit your more adventurous events. No matter how many weddings you're attending this year, Kohl's can help you find the perfect dress to wear for each one.