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Pajama Sets for Women

Don't skip the PJs

Hopefully you haven't written pajamas off as a necessity. Because they are, if you're looking for maximum home comfort. You know the feeling that throwing on a pair of slippers and fluffy sleep pants gives? You can feel that way all the time with Kohl's vast selection of pajamas, sleep shirts, robes, and pajama sets.

If you don't believe it, don't forget that your pajamas don't have to be light and fluffy. Just about anything can count as sleep wear if you let it, but if pajamas really aren't your thing, athletic wear can be an excellent substitute.

Really, though, who wouldn't want an oversized robe for Saturday morning coffee?

Oh, and word on the streets is that finding sleepwear that looks like normal clothing is super trendy. Imagine a world where you can wear your pajamas, and nobody would ever know. Keep your eyes peeled because a whole world of luxury may open itself up to you, if you let it.

Remember: sleep in what makes you feel best, whenever you can. Anything can be pajamas if you let it.

Travel pajamas

Traveling can always be a big deal. Planning and timing is everything, and pajamas are one of the first things to get lost in the shuffle. You finally get to your destination and jump in the shower. Yet, when you dig through your suitcase and bags, your loungewear is nowhere to be found. Maybe you forgot to pack them because they were just throw away pajamas.

Well, when you're traveling you really do need a slice of home with you to truly relax. Consider designating specific travel night clothes! As a bonus, definitely splurge for items you wouldn't usually wear at home. This way, you won't be inclined to forget them, and you can look forward to supreme comfort while you're away.

In order to not forget them, you should definitely decide what your splurge factor is:

  • Night shorts and a sleep tunic?
  • A silky nightgown slip?
  • An oversized fluffy pajama set?
  • A long night shirt and one of the above?
  • That comfy sleep robe you always wanted (SPLURGE)!

Seasonal sleepwear

Kohl's understands that if you're serious about your pajamas, then you're going to have to rock some seasonal items. Fabric is the name of the game here.

For summer, go for light and silky items, or anything that isn't heavily insulated. It might be tempting to use your cold month sleep wear, but that one night when you decided to sleep with the windows open won't work out so well if you do. Your overnight comfort is worth it.

For spring, cotton is the way to go. Just heavy enough to deal with cooler temperatures, but not so heavy for early summer temperatures. This goes for late summer and early fall as well.

Late fall and winter are when you should bust out flannel and fleece. Stay cozy, and most of all stay cozier. And the best part is, nobody will get on your case about wearing your pajamas all day when you're snowed in!

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Athletic clothing as pajamas

It's understandable. Pajamas just aren't how you roll. Too fluffy. Too comfortable. Well, what if you started using athletic wear as your sleepwear? Think about it. They're designed for maximum movement and comfort. It's a no brainer that they could easily be a substitute for pajamas. With leggings, shorts, and soft moisture wicking fabrics you can't really go wrong with this direction.

Consider your favorite spandex shorts and a sports bra if you need to get going first thing in the morning. You could be out the door in minutes for your morning jog! Or if you need something a little more flowy, try a pair of loose fitting joggers and your favorite racerback tank top. Any combination of joggers, leggings, and sweatpants will do for this high-comfort look.

Lastly, never knock biking shorts and a simple tee shirt. This is a great summer sleeping outfit as your skin will have plenty of room to breathe.