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Women's Shoes: High Heels and Pumps

Women's pumps and heels add an inch of glamour and confidence with every step you take. Locate the perfect pair of high heels for a big wedding, or get a comfortable pair of high heel shoes to jazz up your date-night outfit. You can even explore strappy heels to go with that new cocktail dress or be ready for business meetings with a women's career dress and a classic navy or black pump.

No matter the occasion, rest assured you'll be prepared for formal events, special parties and girls night outs all year long with the latest, trendy shoes. But, if you're like most people, you've probably wondered what the difference is between pumps and heels. After all, they both look fairly similar. Let's take a look at some of the key differences you may have missed.

Difference Between High Heels and Pumps

What are High Heels?

This modern type of footwear is used to elevate your height. Shorter women may find high heels beneficial for adding anywhere from 2-8 inches to their height. Heels typically consist of a pointed heel that raises the heel significantly higher than the toes. In addition to increasing the height of the wearer, heels make legs appear longer, toned, and more slender.

High heel shoes also come in various styles. Any shoe style whether they're sandals, pumps, or boots, can qualify as high heels. And due to their different designs that include buckles, laces and straps, they're a great choice for occasions such as weddings and parties.

What are Pumps?

Despite their similarity to heels, pumps are closed-toe shoes that are more formal. They're also easier to put on and take off than high heels with buckles or straps. Unlike high heels that are ideal for shorter women, pumps are a good choice for everyone regardless of their height. Pumps are also good for casual wear to create a more laid back look. Another key difference between the two shoes is that pumps have more space for the foot. This makes it a more comfortable choice, especially when worn a full day at the office.

Heels vs. Pumps

  • Straps: Because heels have straps attached, it can take the wearer a little more time to put the shoe on. Pumps don't have straps, so they can easily wear them.
  • Height: Heels can range from 2-8 inches while pumps are low heeled shoes around 1-3 inches.
  • Use & Comfort: Heels are generally worn to weddings and parties, while pumps can be worn almost anywhere and are a little more comfortable.
  • Lifespan: Pumps can be worn for a long period of time due to their simple design. High heels, on the other hand, can't be worn quite as long due to their buckle and strap design.
  • Laces & Buckles: High heels can have laces and buckles attached to them. Pumps don't typically have buckles and laces, so they're easier to remove.

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