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Regal in Purple

Why Purple?

Purple is a contemplative, passionate, and regal color. It’s for the strong, but quiet soul. The lover of the quaint and elegant. Dresses flow with movement, and the purple dress is for the woman who’s sure of her steps. If you think this may be you, then you’ll want to lose yourself in Kohl’s selection of purple dresses. 

Steal the show

Wearing a dress anywhere should make a statement. It doesn’t have to be a big one, but dresses have always had an air about them. They feel more important and classy, with a distinct flow of energy. Whether it’s work, a party, prom, or just about any other occasion, you’ll want to do your best to steal the show in your own way. Consider color, cut, silhouette, details, and even accessories.

The best question to ask yourself when shopping for your new favorite dress is: “how can I make this do more for me?” Your dress should never take away from you, and it certainly shouldn’t bore you to wear it. It should be in near perfect harmony with your vibe and style. And if it’s less than near perfect, it might not be right, or it might need some accessories to bring it up to snuff.

Dress styles

Cocktail & party

Cocktail dresses are meant to be sleek and mildly understated. Purple will naturally underscore these aspects to make a truly beautiful outfit. Whether it’s a post-work get together or a date, why not look your best for cocktail hour?

Party dresses on the other hand can be just about anything you want. But what makes a good party dress? Something functional that makes you feel good. Perhaps you’ll shoot for a midnight purple dress because it fits your overall vibe. Or maybe you just love the cut and can’t live without it. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about work dress code and can unabashedly enjoy yourself.


Prom is one of the more important events in high school, so finding the right dress is a must. Going for a purple dress might be just the thing that makes you stand out above the rest. Prom dresses don’t always have to be massive bedazzled gowns. Instead they can be sleek and contemporary with a hint of maturity. If the color works, then that’s half the battle. Be sure you find the silhouette and overall shape that fits your personality. Kohl’s has many options offer, from subdued to playful.


Diamond studs

Studs are the reserved classic of the bunch. They come in larger and smaller varieties, and are great for drawing the gaze to your eyes. Studs are the go-to style for children and adults alike. This style also matches with most fashion choices the best. Their simplicity means that they aren’t going to steal the show at black tie events, nor are they going to be deemed too formal for casual wear.

If you’re looking for something more edgy, consider black diamond studs. These are shocking and eye catching, and match well with styles not usually suited for diamonds, such as punk or darker looks. Conversely, if you were to use these at black tie events, they could be unassumingly sleek and a great conversation starter.


There’s a fascinating relationship that develops between bracelets and rings. Like earrings and necklaces, one needs to be the statement piece and the other needs to be the complement. When you’re choosing your bracelet, consider what texture, color, and material you want it to have.

In a professional setting, consider a subtle metal bracelet that won’t be distracting to yourself, and others. Choosing a metal bracelet also complements the business aesthetic nicely because your bracelet isn’t giving off a casual vibe. From gold chains or leather to statement bracelets, you too can wear something stylish.

When you’re outside of the office and going to cocktail parties, or black tie events, remember to accessorize with fine jewelry. A high quality diamond bracelet should help make you sparkle and stand out.