Women's Raincoats

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Women's Raincoats

Stay warm and dry in any weather event with a durable, stylish women's raincoat. Even though a jacket is needed for a very practical purpose, the wide varieties of raincoats available allow for personalized fashion that suits you to a T.

So whether you're trying to stay dry in a sprinkle or a storm, find a raincoat that matches your individual style, giving you a look that will shine through the dark clouds outside!

Raincoat styles

Raincoat styles provide different looks and coverage for the wide range of activities you take on in your everyday life.

Longer trench coats

offer complete coverage and keep you dry almost from head to toe, making them perfect for wearing to the office or on a night out.

Packable jackets

fold down into a small-sized bundle, allowing them to be stored in a bag or purse and keeping them at the ready for any pop-up shower that might occur.

Running jackets

are sleek and lightweight, making them ideal for when you're hitting the pavement for a quick jog around the neighborhood.

With so many styles of jackets to choose from, the features offered can be the deciding factors on which option is perfect for you.

Waterproof vs. Water-resistant

One of the most important features of raincoats is simply the amount of water the jacket can repel.


coats feature fabrics that are typically coated with a finish that repels limited amounts of precipitation but does not keep the wearer dry in steady, heavy downpours. Waterproof coats provide even more protection from the elements, using various types of technologies and details to keep 100% of liquid from penetrating the jacket, keeping the wearer completely dry.

Technical details and features


Many rain jackets feature zippers that have a waterproof coating or a flap that covers the main zipper track, keeping water out. Pockets might also feature zippers, protecting items stored there.


A hood is a simple detail that can make a huge difference once the rain begins to fall. Keeping your head dry, a hood can feature different strings that allow a precise fit. Some jackets also feature a removable hood design, allowing for even more customization.


While it might be taken for granted that a raincoat would have them, pockets (and their placement on the coat) can make a difference when you're taking part in your active lifestyle. Be sure to check the number of pockets, where they are located, and how they are protected from rain when looking into a new coat.

Top brands of raincoats

There are many brands of raincoats are out there, and all offer helpful features that can keep you dry. Some of the top brands out there include big names like Columbia, London Fog, ZeroXposur, Nike, and more. Columbia and ZeroXposur offer jackets that are built to withstand even the harshest conditions. London Fog jackets offer timeless style while keeping you protected from the rain. Athletic brands like Nike offer jackets that are ideal for active endeavors.

Other jacket types

Once you have your raincoat selected, make sure you're covered in all other situations with other jackets available. An anorak jacket or parka can keep you warm in cold weather. Windbreakers offer just a bit of protection from gusty breezes that might pop up in spring or fall. Stylish coat options like blazers and denim jackets enhance your outfit, no matter if you are indoors or outside.