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Not Just a Neck Warmer

How you should wear your scarf

You have a few different options when it comes to wearing scarves: functional and fashionable. You're not necessarily limited to one or the other, but it's easier to break down this way. Truthfully, you'll want to consider which aspects of functionality and fashionability to integrate to find the perfect scarf for you.


First and foremost, the scarf is meant to protect your neck and face from aggressive weather. At its most basic, you're just wrapping warm fabric around your neck to abate wind and precipitation. Yet, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if that's all you thought they were for. The right fabrics can be soothing and plush, which can help you relax or stay cozy inside. Viewing a scarf as a functional accessory means you're likely going to ignore the fashion utility and go simply for warmth and comfort.


Fashionability is extremely important for your accessories, and should be of a higher concern if you're not looking for scarves to simply keep you warm. If you're looking for a fashionable scarf the first thing you're likely going to consider is the feel of the fabric and the design. Certain scarf styles work best with different fashion styles, so keeping in mind what look you're going for (and how you're going to wrap it) is important. Thankfully, Kohl's has a great selection of fashion scarves that should serve your needs well.

Scarf styles


Oblong scarves are rather whimsical and are often thought of when considering vintage scarves. These can be worn over the head, tied into a loop (not unlike an infinity scarf), or tied to cover a portion of your chest and midsection. If you're looking for classically whimsical, this is the style for you.


Square scarves are angular and can achieve different shapes and ties that you simply cannot with oblong and infinity scarves. Often associated with a "western" look, these scarves feature a triangular taper across the back. If you're more rustically fashioned this style is a great choice for you.


If you're looking for a truly innovative approach to scarves, look no further than the infinity. These scarves have no need to be tied, but they can be folded and doubled over on themselves to create unique layered designs and shapes to really take your outfit up a few notches. While many of the other scarf options are thinner to be easier to tie, these can be warmer and thicker since they don't need to be tied.

Other fall and winter accessories


Hats are the perfect year-round accessory. Sometimes, your outfit just needs a little baseball cap flair, other times a sun hat. In the winter, you'll need a warm and well constructed beanie to keep your hair from getting beat up from wind and ice. You can find both practical and stylish hats in Kohl's accessory collection, so be sure to get what you need… and want.


You've got to keep your hands warm in the winter. In the past you were likely faced with mittens or bulky waterproof gloves. Certainly, you can still get those with Kohl's, but you can also find some more sensible options for the varied weather in winter. Gloves for touch screens, leather gloves for nights on the town (or even driving), and more await you.

Winter coats

When the weather bites back, you've got to be prepared. Some are inspired by athletic coats designed to help cushion falls and cut wind; others are fashioned after the heaviest coats of old. If you care about fashion at all times, there's something for you. If you care about being warm at all times… well ditto. With Kohl's selection of Winter coats, you just can't go wrong. Going with weather-resistant outerwear means only the very worst Winter has to offer can stop you.