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What's a Shirt Dress?

Some styles are timeless, and the shirt dress is one of them. Since they became part of popular fashion in the 1950s, they've been a staple of many wardrobes. There's a style for almost every occasion: cocktail parties, date night, business presentations, lounging, weekend excursions, sporting events and more.

Now the real question is: what should you choose? Kohl's is here to help. Shirt dresses can be worn many different ways. A t-shirt dress without buttons can easily be paired with a sweater and leggings for a more cozy look. You could pair a button-up dress with a stylish jacket, or unbutton the dress and wear it over your favorite tee and shorts. The possibilities are endless.


Maxi, midi, and even mini. With so many length variations, surely not all shirt dresses are created equal! Thankfully, these differences are to accommodate different body shapes. The maxi dresses are indeed elegant, but they may not be best for your body shape. Midi and mini dresses feature different shoulders and waistlines, so you're sure to find something that works for you.

Maxi dresses are far longer and flowing, giving off a more elegant look. They inspire feelings of freedom and playfulness. Many of these dresses are made with vibrant prints and don't require jewelry or accessories to look great.

Midi and minidresses leave more room for you to show off your legs and foot wear! Because they're less flowing and loose, the fit can be more tapered and accentuate more of your body shape. Similar to maxi dresses, these can range from solid colors to printed, requiring varying degrees of accessorizing to complete your look.

Kohl's features an array of plus size styles so you can experience the magic of the shirt dress!


Along with varying lengths, shirt dresses feature sleeved and sleeveless styles. Sleeveless styles can give you a chic and confident look. They're a great look for spring and summer too! Going sleeveless with the collared business casual look is a great way to stand out and look professional.


Depending on where you're going to wear your shirt dress you might want to add a little sparkle to your outfit! Never underestimate the power of a watch. While it's useful for you, the right color and model can go a long way to securing a powerful and sophisticated vibe.

Nights out on the town may require something more subtle, but equally important. The proper clutch and bangle combo can create a playful and coy atmosphere for your night to remember.

The initial creation of the shirt dress features a belt across the waist, to create a more shapely look. Many shirt dresses are tapered, but if you're feeling trendy try a contrasting belt to make your outfit pop!

Many currently trendy outfits feature a hat. Matching your hat with some shades and a jacket will help you feel stylish and put-together.


By far, the best thing about the shirt dress is how compatible it is with other styles. While most tops are designed to steal the show, shirt dresses offer enough versatility to be paired with knee-high boots, blazers, or even other dresses.

Try out a blazer to pull together your look with a strong, commanding silhouette.

Knee-high boots are a great way to pull together a confident, stylish, but more casual look.