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Sleep Shirts for Women

There's nothing worse than pajamas that are itchy or scratch you in your sleep. When it comes to nighttime attire, you need a garment that's lightweight and comfortable. Women's sleep shirts are just what you need to feel cozy as you drift off to sleep. Offering extra style that's sure to help you kick back and relax, our selection of sleep shirts for women will ensure sweet dreams the whole night through. At Kohl's, we have you covered from head to toe with our soft selection of women's pajamas, robes, and slippers.

Women's Sleep Shirt Fabric

In order to maintain a restful night, you need a fabric that's lightweight and breathable, such as cotton sleep shirts. Satin is another super smooth material and a polyester/spandex mixture adds stretch and comfort. But if you're looking for something that's sure to keep you warm all night long, opt for flannel sleep shirts.

Women's Sleep Shirts vs. Nightgowns

Looking at the difference between nightgowns and sleep shirts can be a bit confusing. The two have a lot of similarities, but there are a few key differences. They are both one-piece pajamas that are shaped generally like a dress made in soft fabrics to sleep in. However, sleep shirts are usually shorter—hitting mid-thigh and up. They're exactly like a long shirt and are very casual-looking with shorter sleeves. Sleep shirts typically don't have a lot of embellishment around the neckline and sleeves. 

On the other hand, nightgowns are more formal and are longer with lengths ranging from the knees down to the ankles. They also have more embroidery and embellishment around the neckline and sleeves. Nightgowns aren't just for grandma, and sleep shirts aren't just for juniors! They're comfortable and convenient options for any age. At the end of the day, both nightgowns and sleep shirts are fairly similar overall, but you're sure to find women's pajamas you like between the two.

Types of Sleep Shirts

Hooded Sleep Shirts

Sleep Shirts with Pockets

Short-sleeve Sleep Shirts

Button-up Sleep Shirts

Other Nightwear Essentials

Women's Robes

Few things are more comforting than waking up in a cozy robe or slipping into one at the end of the day. Women's robes from Kohl's are perfect for kicking back and relaxing at home! Aside from being useful, bathrobes are a versatile accessory for fashion and style.

Women's Pajama Sets

Nowadays, pajamas are worn for more than just sleeping in. They're for lounging around at home after work, watching TV, making dinner and just about anything else. That's why, today, women's pajama sets are especially essential. Sets tend to be a little more put together and they can often pass for casual loungewear if you throw a jacket over them. If you need to do a quick, last-minute grocery run or don't have time to get dressed before you bring the kids to school—women's pajama sets are a perfect option.

Women's Footed Pajamas

If you haven't worn adult footed pajamas before, you're missing out on some great comfort and fun. Featuring a zip front and long sleeves, adult one-piece pajamas are perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable all night long. Similar to a onesie, adult footed pajamas are a style of loose-fitting casual jumpsuits for adults. They're mostly intended as loungewear or sleepwear but some styles can also be worn as streetwear.

At Kohl's, you'll find all the apparel you need to be prepared for every season and any event. Be sure to shop our full line of clothes and other essentials for all your family's wardrobe needs!

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