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Women’s Cozy Pajamas & Sleepwear Essentials

When it comes to your nighttime attire, we know that you want to be cute and cozy. You need quality sleepwear designed to make staying in even more comfortable. Fortunately, you can cozy up for a good night’s sleep in our must-have pajamas for women! Browse women’s pajamas to find endless warm and lightweight sleepwear styles. Choose from soft one-piece pajamas or cute PJ sets in silky satin, fluffy fleece, or cool cotton. Be sure to also explore women's pajamas and jumpsuits in chic neutrals, pretty prints, and bold colors. Or, browse our sleepwear and loungewear collection for plush robes and lingerie.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find everyday styles and holiday prints designed for any occasion.

Women’s Pajama Sets

There’s no doubt that sleepwear is the ultimate relaxation clothing item, so be sure to get yourself some cute PJ sets for a good night’s rest. Pajama sets tend to be a little more put together and they can often pass for casual loungewear if you throw a jacket over them. If you need to do a quick, last-minute grocery run or don't have time to get dressed before you take the kids to school—women's pajama sets are a perfect option. You can find long sleeve tops and pants sets or tanks paired with shorts.

Women’s Sleep Shirts & Nightgowns

There's nothing worse than pajamas that are itchy or scratch you in your sleep. Women's sleep shirts and nightgowns are just what you need to feel cozy as you drift off to dreamland. Both are one-piece pajamas that are typically shaped like a dress. However, sleep shirts tend to be a bit shorter while nightgowns are longer with lengths ranging from the knees down to the ankles. Offering extra style that's sure to help you kick back and relax, our selection of sleepwear for women will ensure sweet dreams the whole night through.

Women’s Work From Home PJs

Are you looking to swap out the actual pajamas that you wore to bed for a pair of “daytime” pajamas? It's easy to just spend the day in your pajamas, but it's also possible to find clothing that feels like sleepwear without looking like it. Forget your old, worn-out t-shirt that’s seen better days. Instead, opt for versatile loungewear that puts your style and comfort first. Wearing work from home pajamas is ideal when you want to get ready for the day without having to put on a blouse and pants. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t remain in comfy clothing options like soft hooded tops and joggers — even if it something that you wore to bed.

Choosing a Fabric

Nowadays, pajamas are meant for more than just sleeping in. They're for lounging around at home after work, watching TV, making dinner, and a variety of other activities throughout the changing seasons.

During the summertime, opt for light and silky items, or anything that isn't heavily insulated. It might be tempting to use your cold month sleepwear, but you could potentially begin to overheat while you're sleeping. Your overnight comfort is worth it to choose lightweight fabrics.

For spring, cotton is the way to go. It's just heavy enough to deal with cooler temperatures, but not so heavy for early summer temperatures. This goes for late summer and early fall as well.

Late fall and winter are when you should bust out flannel and fleece. You're sure to stay warm and most of all cozy. And the best part is, nobody will get on your case about wearing your pajamas all day when you're snowed in!

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