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Women's Pajamas

Fulfill all of your women's apparel needs at Kohl's! When it comes to bedtime, we have you comfortably covered from head to toe with our selection of women's pajamas, robes and sleepwear. Get your best night of rest and shop in-store or online at Kohl's today!

When it comes to PJs, we'll help you feel relaxed in your choice of nighttime apparel. We've got you covered with a wide selection of colors and sizes for mothers-to-be, as well as petite and plus size women. You can find stylish women's pajamas options in any size.

Choosing the Right Fabric

There are more fabrics to choose from than ever before for keeping cozy through the night. Cotton is a great choice for sleeping in hot weather. The fabric itself is relatively affordable and is soft, lightweight and breathable. Satin is super smooth and a dream to sleep in, while polyester and spandex add stretch and comfort. If you're really looking for some extra warmth, shop flannel options. Cotton is another great fabric for more hot climates. If you find yourself needing some sort of cover in the summer but it's too hot for even a light sheet, a nightgown can be a perfect solution. You'll feel covered but don't have to lay under any sheets.

Nightgowns and Sleep Shirts

Looking at the difference between nightgowns and sleep shirts can be a bit confusing. The two have a lot of similarities, but there are a few key differences. They are both one-piece pajamas that are shaped generally like a dress made in soft fabrics to sleep in. However, sleep shirts are usually shorter—hitting mid-thigh and up. They're exactly like a long shirt and are very casual-looking with shorter sleeves. Sleep shirts typically don't have a lot of embellishment around the neckline and sleeves. On the other hand, nightgowns are more formal and are longer with lengths ranging from the knees down to the ankles. They also have more embroidery and embellishment around the neckline and sleeves.

For flowy and breathable clothing, check out our line of women's nightgowns, or sleep, rest and get cozy in comfort with women's sleep shirts from Kohl's. Nightgowns aren't just for grandma, and sleep shirts aren't just for juniors! They're comfortable and convenient options for any age. Plus, you don't have to keep track of multiple items like you do wearing pajama sets. At the end of the day, both nightgowns and sleep shirts are fairly similar overall, but you're sure to find women's pajamas you like between the two.

Pajama Sets for Women

Nowadays, pajamas are worn for more than just sleeping in. They're for lounging around at home after work, watching TV, making dinner and changing the smoke detector battery in the middle of the night. You know, the usual day-to-day. That is why, today, women's pajama sets are especially essential. Sets tend to be a little more put together and they can often pass for casual loungewear if you throw a jacket over them. If you need to do a quick, last-minute grocery run or don't have time to get dressed before you bring the kids to school—women's pajama sets are a perfect option.

If you already have part of a set or are missing a top or bottom, check out our collection of pajama separates from Kohl's. Mix and match your sleep outfits with black pajama shorts, pants or women's lounge pants. If your pajama pants' tie is worn out, get a new pair. Choose from ribbon drawstrings or fold over elastic waistbands.

Robes for Women

Robes are another essential in the realm of women's pajamas. Women's robes are great to cover up your pajamas if you have unexpected guests or get too cold in just your pajamas. Grab a cozy fleece robe to stay snuggly on the couch. You can get styles that tie in the front or zip up if you have problems with the ties or just prefer a zipper.

Whatever type of closure, satin printed robes are super comfortable and silky. Have a special occasion or person you want to celebrate? You can get matching floral printed robes for your wedding and bridesmaids. Or, get a monogrammed robe for mom or grandma to remind them how special they are!

Whatever your occasion, Kohl's has a huge variety of options of robes and pajamas to choose from.

We know that getting a good night's rest is priceless, and you'll want to feel comfortable and relaxed when it's time for lights out. Whether you're wearing a cozy robe before bed, rocking shorts for bedtime in the summer or wearing your favorite nightgown, bedtime will feel like the best time. Rest assured that you'll find all your sleepwear essentials and women's lounge pants at Kohl's!

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