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Slippers for Women

Treat your feet to everyday comfort with a warm pair of women's slippers. Slippers are ideal for wearing around the house, keeping your feet cozy during lazy weekend mornings. With so many styles and brands of slippers to choose from, it might be hard to know which ones are right for you.

Let's take a look at the different kinds of slippers, so you can be better prepared when searching for that perfect pair to wear around the house!

Slipper styles

The various styles of slippers provide wide varieties of look, feel, support, and coverage. Depending on your personal preferences, one of the following slipper styles is sure to meet your needs.

Ballet/ballerina slippers

Ballet slippers offer the look of a ballet shoe, typically with a small ribbon or bow accent at the toe.

Bootie slippers

Bootie slippers offer easy slip-on styling and provide full coverage around the foot. This ensures maximum comfort and warmth.


Clogs offer complete coverage around the toe area, with an open back at the heel, which allows for quick slip-on wear. Clogs also tend to have a thick, sturdy sole for extra traction and protection.


With a closed heel and toe, moccasin slippers provide all-over coverage with slip-on styling. Moccasins can also feature a soft lining that offers even more comfort and warmth.

Slipper socks

Slipper socks combine the warmth of a thick sock, with the complete wraparound coverage of a slipper, offering the perfect combination of features for wearing around the house when the weather turns cold.

Top Brands of Slippers

With a style picked out, you can move on to other factors that might influence which pair of slippers you get. The brand is one of those factors and is sure to play a role in your slipper selection process.

Brand names like Dearfoams, Koolaburra by UGG, and MUK LUKS are just some of the major players in the slipper industry. With trusted names like these, you know you can find a long-lasting pair of slippers that's sure to meet your everyday needs!

Tips for buying slippers

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when looking for a new pair of slippers:

  • Sizing

    Slipper sizing will typically match the shoe size you normally wear. However, it's still best to try on slippers before buying to see if the sizing is right. Since having a bit more room in a pair of slippers is more desirable than having slippers that are too snug, ordering a size up might be best to ensure ideal comfort.

  • Material

    The construction of a pair of slippers is also vital, as the material used can determine the comfort level and durability the slippers provide. A perfect balance of soft and durable is most desired, as the soft materials like microfiber can provide maximum comfort, while a rubber outsole offers durability and traction.

Other footwear essentials

With a pair of slippers now in your footwear collection, you can begin to think about all the other types of shoes you need to enhance other looks in your wardrobe!

For anyone with an active lifestyle, a solid pair of athletic shoes is essential for any workout routine. When it comes to more formal occasions, pumps and heels add style and sophistication that is sure to make an impression. And for a casual, warm-weather option that is easy to wear, pick up a trendy set of sandals and take your look to new places with ease.

And don't forget other foundational essentials, like socks and other types of hosiery. These kinds of items set up any wardrobe for success, and ensure all-day comfort as well.