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Get Cozy with a Sweater Dress

Made for Dreary Days

Few things are cozier than a sweater. Very few things are more graceful than a dress, so what happens when you put them together? You get the aptly named "sweater dress." These cozy creations serve the warming function of a sweater, with the length and grace of a dress. They are not the best choice in the summertime, but they should be a go-to in every other season (assuming it's chilly). Sweater dresses are special because they toe the line of business casual very well. Assuming you pick the right dress, you're in a great spot to be perfectly cozy at home or work.

Sweater Dress Style Guide

The key to styling your sweater dress is to think trendy. Whatever works with a typical sweater and pants style usually works for a sweater dress. Occasionally, the styles won't match, especially if the sweater dress is cut in a more formal or cocktail party fashion. If your dress is higher on the fancy spectrum, don't discount a pair of pumps or heels. Nonetheless, the primary focus of the sweater dress is comfort.

Purse Pairings

The shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is one of the most traditional designs, and tends to work with most outfits. Depending on the size it can fit most, or all, of your accessories and tools for your beauty needs. With their varied shapes you can find something more low key, or something that will make a statement.

The crossbody

With a crossbody, you can accomplish a whole lot. Generally smaller and low profile, you may have to cut down on excess item carrying. However, don't let the loss of space fool you. Having a crossbody gives you several advantages: you can protect your bag better, and the crossbody design can give your look a quaint and thoughtful edge.

Backpack purses

When you're out and about, it can be pretty unpleasant to haul your purse on one shoulder or hanging free. The backpack purse solves the decades old problem of allowing your purse to hang on your waist, and having to constantly worry about whether or not you remembered where you set it down. Instead, with your purse snuggly strapped to your back, you can know where it is, and you don't have to set it down everywhere you go.

Other Dresses for your Wardrobe

Shirt dresses

Cold shoulders aren't always for everyone (usually comes down to preference for a full sleeve). And too, sometimes cold shoulders aren't the best fit for casual scenarios. So, with that in mind take a look at shirt dresses. They're the perfect marriage of soft t-shirts and dresses. They sit like a t-shirt but with a long hem that becomes a skirt. These can be worn with leggings or without. Some t-shirt dresses double as tunics which opens you up to many different outfit opportunities.

Party and wedding

A dress made for a specific occasion can go a long way to help you look your best. If you really want to turn up the heat for a party you'll want to check out Kohl's selection of party dresses. These are great for cocktail parties and dates, or even girl's night out on the town. Wedding guest dresses are great for making sure that you never look better than the bride, but definitely look great for your plus one.

Midi and maxi

Midi and maxi refer to length of a dress. These dresses' hems tend to hit at calf length or lower. Many of these dresses will work excellently as Spring and Summer sun dresses. With the selection Kohl's offers you should be able to find the right dress for you.

Work dresses

At the end of the day, you might feel a bit self conscious about your work wardrobe. Sure, your clothes might fit "business casual," but there's always that nagging worry that it's not enough. If this is you, consider Kohl's offering of work dresses. They marry fashion with business casual sensibilities, and if you choose well, your fears should be assuaged.