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Women's Sweaters and Cardigans

When you're shopping for cardigans, you'll find that they'll come in all sorts of comfy cuts and lengths. Some will be long and button up, others will be the length of a shirt and lay open. Cardigans are a prime choice for Saturday mornings and joyful fall afternoons! But they are not just a seasonal item, no they're great year round (in different situations of course).

There's really a cardigan for every occasion and style. If you need selection, Kohl's has you covered:

Long sleeve

Long (length)

Ruanas and ponchos


Plus size

What sets a cardigan apart from another type of sweater is its functionality. While other sweaters are usually pullovers, cardigans feature buttons and zippers, or an open front. This is what unlocks the versatility to take your outfit further than it could before. Now, this by no means discounts sweaters as a valid option. Often times sweaters are the answer. Cardigans often act as an accent piece for your outfits, while sweaters are an integral part.

The type of cardigan you pick also depends on the outfit. Ponchos and ruanas are a great way to add some layered mystery and flow to your outfit. Short sweaters are great for dresses with an open back you need to cover while at work (or if you get cold). Long variations are excellent at creating elegance while wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt combo.

Of course, it wouldn't be fair if these styles weren't available to all body types. Everybody deserves to look good in a cardigan, so Kohl's features both petite and plus size selections as well.

Layering options

During the cooler months, cardigans are always fair game. During the summer time, a long cardigan with shorts and a tank on windy days is a great look. They also pair well with business casual attire! If you need just a pop of something different to go with your dress, a cardigan is your answer.

For when things get too cold for a light jacket, consider a shirt length zip up cardigan over a cami, and a peacoat. You'll be looking fashionable while staying pretty warm. Conversely, an oversized and fluffy button-up cardigan should make you feel rather cozy.

Sweater varieties

While there is a larger variety of cardigans, there are only a few overarching types of sweaters. Of course you have cardigans, but you also have long sweaters. This category includes everything from sweaters that sit just below the waist, to sweaters that fall to the knee. Many are meant to be won like a top, but several also feature on open front, not unlike a cardigan. The biggest difference is that the long sweaters with open fronts tend to be more like outer-wear. That is they're either collard, or heavier than a cardigan.
The other category is the pullover sweater. As it's another catch-all category, pullovers are specifically your top style sweaters. While they can still function as outerwear, they often feature similar cuts and stylings found in tops. Some feature collars, scoop necks, and open shoulders. Others are sleeveless, or feature flared cuffs. Whatever the cut, style, or category, there's a sweater for every fashion need.

Accessory and shoe pairings for you sweater

Sweaters are almost always a good option, but sometimes the right shoes and accessories will complete your look. Whether subtly or otherwise, here are ways to finish off your outfit:

For a great street look, consider your favorite dark pants and a plain white tee. Add in a striped cardigan of waist length or longer, and throw on a pair of colored sneakers. You should look trendy and carefree with this outfit! Alternatively, switch to a pair of jeans, roll the cuffs and pair them with a belt. Throw in a lovely handbag and you're good to go.

For something a little more understated, but with a great silhouette, go for a neutral colored sweater and brown knee high boots! If a cardigan isn't enough to fend off the cold, try a button up sweater with a scarf and boots for a very cozy and rustic look.

Weekends out and about require a more sophisticated touch: snag your favorite dark pants and a collared shirt. Pair your cardigan with a clutch, heeled boots, and a pair of sunglasses. If you want to aim for cool and classy, this is for you.