Women's Tops & Tees

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Women's Tops & Tees

Let's start from the top, women. Taking care of your comfort, warmth and style is a top priority. Kohl's cares enough to cover you with a wide variety of terrific tees, great graphic tees, sweet sweaters and tops for all shapes and sizes. And for hot, sweltery seasons, Kohl's has sleeveless tops in full supply. Bring the whole ensemble together from top to bottom by shopping shoes at Kohl's!

Women's Tee Shirts

Keep it simple with a nice new tee from Kohl's. Whatever color, style or pattern is your pleasure, we've got your tee in tow. From solid monochromatic tees terrific for workday layering, to fun, frilly tees for nights out on the town, Kohl's has you covered. With highly competitive prices available from some of the top brands, you can afford to mix, match and pick a pair of tees to prepare for your next outing. Add layers for the brisk, blustery days with jaunty jackets, available in an array of styles from Kohl's.

Women's Graphic Tees

Express yourself, you've got to be you! Grab a graphic tee or two from Kohl's and let your style fly: from rock bands to television shows, movies and fun slogans, we've got the goods to let you feel good. Kohl's has got the styles to suit your lifestyle so you are ready to get graphic. Inspiring slogans, positive phrases and more await at Kohl's: great deals mean you can take a chance by picking up tees that represent a positive message, your favorite band, movie and television show!

Women's Tank Tops

If we learned two things from Michelle Obama, our children need more exercise and show off those arms! Kohl's cares enough to give you the opportunity to reveal your healthy limbs with elegant and tasteful sleeveless tops of various styles, colors and patterns. Ideal for warm and hot weather, our tank tops and sleeveless tops will keep you cool, calm and collected. Perfect for a base layer on a day that begins heated, you can always layer over with a stunning blouse or top from Kohl's collection of women's tops. Protect and accept the sunshine in sleeveless splendor with some sweet shades from Kohl's selection of women's sunglasses.

Women's Plus Size Tops

Tired of tops that just don't feel or fit right? Well, your search is over, c'mon to Kohl's for our wide assortment of plus size tops, available from some of the top brands. Check out our ample variety of short & long sleeve, formal and informal tops for all occasions. Wonderful styles in a variety of shapes and sizes constructed with comfy, flexible material designed with your comfort in mind.

Women's Sweaters

Perfect for the packing along to the restaurant, movie theatre or work, a sweater ensures your warmth and comfort for any given day. Fortunately, sweaters have gotten a lot cooler; don't worry, they still keep you warm and cozy. Just take a look at Kohl's sweater selection, full of long, flowing sweaters that look and feel incredible. Gone are the days of boxy sweaters that give you an itchy, unpleasant sensation. Today's sweaters at Kohl's offer a peaceful, easy feeling and they won't let you down.