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As long as humans have had objects to carry, we have bags in which to carry them. Going back thousands of years, hunter-gatherer humans utilized pouches constructed of various natural fibers to house and transport food and tools. In the days of Ancient Rome, a drawstring purse was worn dangling from a belt by both men and women. These early bags were basically miniature suitcases. Eventually, totes evolved into the functional and fashionable bags that are now a daily component of modern life.

Tote bags, handbags and purses that snap shut allowed women to carry personal effects with some degree of privacy. The point has always been for these totes to utilitarian bags, allowing safe, practical transport with style and discretion. Today's totes, handbags and purses feature sturdy handles, multiple internal compartments, snap closure along with the key addition of elegant appearance. This leads to Kohl's wonderful collection of totes, handbags and purses, available in sleek styles, cool colors along with formidable functions. Check out our wide selection of totes, handbags and purses.

Dana Buchman Tote Bags, Handbags & Purses

Take it in a tote, hide it in a handbag or place it in a purse: it's up to you. Fortunately, Kohl's has a dynamic collection of Dana Buchman totes, handbags and purses available for your perusal. Dana Buchman and Kohl's have combined to create a conscious brand, one that not only adds convenience and style for women looking for totes, handbags and purses, but also promotes Buchman's efforts to support low-income children with learning disabilities. Whether your style tends to tropical, elegant, simple or loud, Dana Buchman has a tote, handbag or purse for you. Practical, professional, fun or feisty, Kohl's has the Dana Buchman bag to fit your lifestyle! Top it all off with a terrific top from Kohl's!

Simply Vera Vera Wang Tote Bags, Handbags & Purses

Vera Wang skated her way into the hearts of fashion-followers and readers alike with her amazing career at Vogue and then later as a clothing designer. Today, Simply Vera Vera Wang and Kohl's have combined to create a recognizably elegant brand for women worldwide. Enjoy our ensemble of Simply Vera Vera Wang handbags at Kohl's, sure to carry all you need to be taking care of business. Speaking of taking care of business, add more elegance to ensemble with a perfect pair of pants from Kohl's.

Black Tote Bags, Handbags & Purses

Black is beautiful. Pack your daily necessities into one perfectly pitched black tote, handbag or purse, conveniently collected at Kohl's for your browsing approval. Our wide variety of elegant, everyday totes, handbags and purses are sure to please all tastes. From tidy totes, roomy handbags and midsize purses, Kohl's has your tasteful approach to fashion covered. They say every woman needs a black dress, the same could be said for the black tote. Simple and ready to pair with any color, the black tote is ready for your next meeting, adventure, dinner or a night out on the town. Match the new black bag with the dress of your choice from Kohl's.

Leather Tote Bags, Handbags & Purses

Leather lasts. It's that simple and true. If you want a bag that's going to go the distance, go with leather. Soft, supple and impervious to the elements, leather is a timeless look with a great feel. Check out Kohl's for leather totes, handbags and purses that are ready to go with you for the long run. Pair your leather bag with a fresh new hat from Kohl's.

Under $50: Tote Bags, Handbags & Purses

Let's be real: we can't all afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a tote, handbag or purse. Fortunately, Kohl's cares: we've got a great selection of totes, handbags and purses under the half-century mark. Don't break the bank choosing an elegant and practical bag for your everyday items. With Kohl's classic sales, no one will ever know that you saved a bundle with your sleek and stylish bag. And with the cash you save on the bag, you'll have more to invest in what you really want: more shoes! Or perhaps some clothing to coordinate with your new bag!