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Trench Coats for Women

Did you know that trench coats were adapted for use in the military? If not, then you may have noticed the style from your favorite spy movies. From comic book heroes to burnt-out detectives, countless Hollywood characters have worn trench coats to add mystery, intrigue, and gravitas to their personas. But trench coats aren't just reserved for Hollywood classics and Halloween costumes. Trench coats have remained functional and in style for over 100 years.

As a classic garment that's ideal between the changing seasons, a trench coat offers timeless elegance that will complete any look. Exude feminine sophistication when you pair your jacket with a chic pair of women's skinny jeans and fashionable women's heels. If you're not familiar with women's trench coats, get ready to add this unique style to your everyday outerwear collection.

Are Trench Coats Waterproof?

While not specifically waterproof, trench coats consist of durable fabrics designed to not only repel water and keep the wearer warm but ventilated as well. However, some coats that are made of wool are generally less waterproof than others. Options such as leather or polyester trench coats with a removable hood are typically better suited for wet environments.

Trench Coats vs. Raincoats

Trench coats and women's raincoats are both equipped with materials to weather the storm. However, raincoats consist of practical elements made specifically for wet weather, while trench coats are generally worn as more of a fashion statement that can be worn in rain or shine. Let's take a look at a few more differences between the two:


A hood is a simple detail that can make a huge difference once the rain begins to fall. One of the first things you'll notice about trench coats and rain jackets is that raincoats are hooded. Trench coats generally have a winged collar that may require an umbrella to stay dry. However, some trench coats now feature detachable hoods.


Water-resistant coats, like trench coats, feature fabrics that are typically coated with a finish that repels limited amounts of precipitation but does not keep the wearer dry in steady, heavy downpours. Waterproof jackets, such as raincoats, provide even more protection from the elements, using various types of technologies and details to keep 100% of liquid from penetrating the jacket, keeping the wearer completely dry. Trench coats generally consist of lighter materials such as polyester blend with a thin cotton lining. This style tends to be more water-resistant than waterproof.


Many rain jackets feature zippers with a waterproof coating or a flap to keep water out. It may also include zipper pockets to protect items stored there. Trench coats, on the other hand, have a double button front closure with a belt cinched at the waist.

Color & Length

Whether you prefer the classic look of a bright yellow raincoat or a jacket with polka dots, raincoats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Trench coats are most popular in a khaki or beige color, followed by black and navy blue. You'll also find that most trench coats extend to the knee or lower. Raincoats, on the other hand, range from waist length to just above the knee.

Warmth Rating

Staying warm isn't just a matter of comfort, but a matter of safety as well. When it comes to buying a coat, you want to find the right one that will keep you protected from fierce wind chills and blinding storms. The warmth rating represents a comfort range that you can expect the coat to perform well in and there are generally three options:

Stylish and on-trend, women's trench coats are sure to keep you looking and feeling great in any weather! At Kohl's, you'll find a wide selection of shoe and apparel essentials to take your look to a whole new level!