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Watches Should Be On Your Accessory Radar

Why Accessorize With a Watch?

The watch still acts as a status symbol and fashion must have. When you go to your business meetings, do you ever feel like you're missing something? Odds are, it's the polish the watch gives your professional look. Naturally, if you're going to reclaim the throne of fashion from the smartphone, you'll have to follow a few rules to maximize your watch.

A good thing to keep in mind with watches are to match the metal with your other jewelry. If you're married, or wear rings anyway, consider pairing silver with silver, bronze, and gold the same way. Clashing colors can often grow distracting, so keep an eye on what you're pairing together. And remember to pay attention to the details, because your earrings or bracelets could throw off the look if not matched properly.

The Rules of the Watch

Seems like you've decided to give the watch a whirl. You're in luck because they're fairly straight forward. There are three categories of rules you'll need to keep in mind: occasion, material, and face styles.


When going for a more upscale look, subtle is always better, especially if your outfit is supposed to be the center of attention. Plunging necklines and diamond encrusted watches don't play nice. With that said, if it's a less designed watch, you'll certainly be able to pull it off. The biggest thing to consider with a watch is your other accessories. Generally speaking, you can have some leniency with your earrings when it comes to matching.

With business oriented outfits, something sophisticatedly loud can work very well. A slightly more designed watch can go a long way to display power and attitude. Sometimes, all it takes to break the ice is a well styled watch. Naturally, the same rules for upscale looks apply here, more metal for your business watch is good, but don't let it be so loud that it feels unprofessional.

When it comes to casual, just about anything goes. Leather, plastic, and metal watches are all plenty acceptable. Feel free to build your outfit around a fashion watch, or continue to go subtle. It's your choice.

Watch Materials

Have you ever tried to pair a silver bracelet with a gold ring? It's a very heavy contrast. Instead, match your materials, and allow one of your accessories to deviate with colored details. In some instances if your overall colors work together, you can get away with experimenting with different metals and colors in your accessories.

You certainly have more leeway with leather and plastic, since they come in different colors. In this case, if you can see the texture on these materials, make sure they match well with your overall color pallet.

Face styles

Styling your watches by metals and occasion is easy enough. But the biggest inhibitor of this is the face style. Sometimes the dial and the strap can be perfect, but the most visible part of the watch can be off (and vice versa). To make the choices easier and work best for your outfits, refrain from anything bold and distracting for your upscale looks. Especially for black tie events, something classy and neutral like Roman numerals are a good choice.

Fitting the pattern, you can release the restrictions some for business attire. Stray away from anything strange, but chic and eye catching is more than acceptable. Let loose for casual and weekend outfits. On top of all this, remember that digital faces are best for business and casual looks, and definitely off limits for formal, black tie, and generally upscale occasions.


Smartwatches are certainly the future. They pair with your smartphones, and have been dubbed "wearables." They can do what a watch can do, and more. Because of this development, you may have some new style options. While it's generally a faux pas to wear a smartwatch for black tie occasions, definitely consider one for business purposes. They're extremely functional, and often have software to change the face of the watch to be flashier or more subtle.

Some smartwatches also feature removable straps so that you can have them better fit the occasion. With that in mind, sometimes the base strap isn't great for days when you need to be out and about. You can find "sport" straps that feature a different material that is better suited for a day at play.

Types of Watch Closures

A deployment clasp unfolds into thirds to allow the watch to fit over the hand. It locks in place with a small hook-type latch.

A pushbutton deployment clasp functions the same way as a regular deployment clasp, but has buttons on either side of the clasp that must be pinched to release. This ensures the clasp does not open on its own.

A fold-over pushbutton deployment clasp has two security features: a fold-over snapping latch and a pushbutton feature.

A hidden deployment clasp, also known as a butterfly clasp, is invisible when closed. This creates the illusion of a seamless band. Some hidden deployment clasps have pushbutton release mechanisms for added security.

A jewelry clasp is a simple latch snapped closed around a bar. It is released by lifting the clasp and unsnapping it from the latch bar.

A strap buckle clasp is an adjustable closure made up of a pin and a series of holes in the band. This closure is common in belts.

A specialty strap buckle is a deployment clasp attached to a strap band. It can be adjustable.