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Lifting a Classic

Wedged Fashion

Adding a wedged heel to the sandal was pure brilliance. Sandals are versatile and some of the oldest footwear around, so it makes sense to lift the original shoe up a few inches. Wedge heels offer unparalleled comfort in the lifted shoe space. Wedge sandals feature a variety of heights, designs, and colors. Some feature a classic, thick strap and open toe look, while others opt for gladiator and slip-on sneaker styles.

They might not give as much height as a heel, but they spread the lift pressure across the entire foot, which can ease pain when needing to be worn for hours and hours. Because wedge sandals are just lifted sandals, you're going to find many hallmarks of sandal fashion applicable when shopping for them.

How to Wear Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are very easy to wear. They're made with a wide array of styles and colors to fit just about any taste. While boots can be limited in use when you get to specific occasions and engagements, the right outfit and the right pair of wedge sandals can work for nearly every style, including wedding outfits and black tie events. It may be more difficult to find a pair for black tie events, but with wedding styles trending more casual you're likely to find a pair that works. Remember that at the end of the day, finding the right pair for you comes down to comfort factor. Would you wear them for more than just that party? If the answer is yes, then you need to splurge!

Wedge Boots

Boots have a reputation for being sturdy, resilient, and tough. Designed for full foot coverage, boots are to protect from the outside and look great. Usually boots have a thick tread that gives a touch of height, but fashion boots turned a different corner. They adopted heels for extra lift and an air of superiority. Later though, when some women wanted something more comfortable, the wedge heel was born. If you're looking for more coverage than a wedge sandals can offer, you'll want to check out Kohl's selection of wedge boots!

Other Footwear

Dress Shoes

When you need the perfect pair of heels you know exactly what you need. Something with just the right amount of height, stability, and style factor. Have you checked out Kohl's collection of heels and dress shoes? You can find lovely heels and pumps, dress boots, and wedges if you need some extra height. If you're looking for something a little more subtle with less lift, consider a pair of dress sandals or flats.

Gym Shoes

Working out safely requires the right footwear. Not all gym shoes are created equal, but thankfully Kohl's offers a good selection of athletic footwear to help you perform the best you can. Whether you're running the track, walking trails, or lifting weights, there's something for every day fitness activities.

Rain Boots

You know, sometimes the rain hits on the worst days. Like the days when it's too warm for winter boots. Typically in late Spring, Summer, and early Fall, tennis shoes are more than appropriate, but they're not waterproof. This poses a huge problem for just about everyone, since soggy feet are simply no fun. If you want to beat wrinkly feet, consider picking up a pair of rain boots to stave off a soaking.

Winter Boots

Winter is hardly a slouch and sometimes hiking boots just aren't warm enough to cut it. In times like these you should strongly consider a solid pair of winter boots. They're usually waterproof, and feature insulation to protect your toes from the cold. Built with ice and snow in mind, you should have a pair to traverse the winter landscape more easily. Unlike hiking boots, women's winter boots definitely have fashion in mind. Sometimes the materials they're made with can limit this, but on the whole they can be highly functional and cute.

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