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Women's White Heels & Pumps

Over the years, heels have always had a special place in a woman's wardrobe. When you're looking for the perfect way to lighten things up with a playful, yet elegant look, opt for a pair of women's white heels. White shoes are something unique and special. Sure, you could sport a pair of black heels or even multi-colored pumps, but white makes a statement. Their presence is striking and unexpected. Not to mention, they're compatible with virtually every outfit imaginable. Not sure if white heels are for you? Let's take a look at a few different styles.

Heels vs. Pumps

When it comes to pumps and heels, they often look the same upon first glance. However, there are a few key differences to notice between the two:

  • Straps: Because heels have straps attached, it can take the wearer a little more time to put the shoe on. Pumps typically don't have straps, so they can put them on with ease.
  • Height: Heels can range from 2-8 inches while pumps are low heeled shoes around 1-3 inches.
  • Use & Comfort: Heels are generally worn to weddings and parties, while pumps can be worn almost anywhere and are a little more comfortable.
  • Lifespan: Pumps can be worn for a long period of time due to their simple design. High heels, on the other hand, can't be worn quite as long due to their buckle and strap features.
  • Laces & Buckles: High heels can have laces and buckles attached to them. Pumps don't typically have buckles and laces, so they're easier to remove.

Casual White Pumps

A smart casual appearance typically consists of a polished yet relaxed look. For those casual days of effortless style, opt for a heel with a round toe and a shorter heel. Choosing a lower heel will make you look and feel more comfortable while still exhibiting a high level of style. So, no matter if you're going on a trip or a casual outing with friends, get the perfect fit every time with a bold pair of casual heels.

Evening White Heels

White shoes are easily one of the best choices for evening shoes, especially if you're fond of wearing dresses or jumpsuits. Also, since white works well so many other colors, it will even work with those problematic shades that are hard to match. When searching for the perfect pair of evening shoes, it's always easier to have shoes that compliment your outfits rather than competing with them. Heels are also a great choice for evening wear because of their embellishments. Most heels that feature rhinestones, pearls or sequins typically fall into the "evening shoe" category. Additionally, look for luxurious fabrics such as satin, velvet, or suede uppers. White evening heels are the perfect balance between dressy without falling into the "office shoe wear" category.

White Career Pump

In general, you may do a lot of standing and walking around at work. Therefore, you can opt for a chunky heel over a stiletto for added comfort. Once you've chosen a comfortable pair of shoes, head over to our fashionable women's career clothing to complete your business wardrobe with items that suit your style!

White Dress Heels

Give your dressy ensemble a flirty finish with white dress heels! White colors or light to medium earthy neutrals commonly work extremely well with light blues. Consider shoes with an ankle strap to create a sultry silhouette while the heel completes the look. And if you adore the easy-going style a fashionable dress or want to find your perfect style with elegant women's blouses and dress pants, white dress heels make it easy to show off their versatile design.

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