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We like wide shoes and we cannot lie: but, you may ask, must we pay more for more shoe? Far from it: Kohl's full complement of Women's Wide Shoes is expansive, not expensive. Whether you're looking for wide-width boots made for walking, pumps and heels for power-lunching and perhaps dancing, flats for footloose and fancy free days, sandals for strolling the beach or athletic sneakers, you can't deny that Kohl's has got your selection. Sift our selection of soft, supportive socks to pair with your new shoes!

Women's Wide-Width Boots

If boots made for walking are on your list, we've got some wide-width boots she'll be unable to resist. Boots that fit and look incredible are not easy to find, but Kohl's has you covered: check out our wide selection of boots built for style, substance and to last. Slide into socks of all kinds at Kohl's available in a variety of colors and styles, to boot. Cinch it all in place and bring it all together with a wonderful belt from Kohl's.

Womens Wide Pumps & Heels

Stand tall with cool confidence in our wonderfully walkable women's wide pumps and heels. Shoes sure to secure attention and direction, stride purposefully to Kohl's for our ample array of wide pumps and heels just perfect for that important event. Tie the look together with a hip and trendy belt from Kohl's. Link your new look to a practical and elegant purse, handbag or tote from Kohl's.

Womens Wide Athletic Shoes & Sneakers

Widely understood by walkers, runners, climbers and hikers, Kohl's website is a welcome haven of wide athletic shoes and sneakers for women. Comfort and flexibility is essential to any good workout and you'll be widely smiling each mile in Kohl's collection of athletic shoes and sneakers for women. Run, don't walk for the nearest Kohl's to widen your workout parameters! Sock it to 'em with a perfect pair of socks from Kohl's. And shop all athletic and activewear apparel at Kohl's for everything you need for the next workout!

Womens Wide Flats

You've searched far and wide for flats with width to spare: search no more, for Kohl's has your Women's wide flats for as far as your eye can see. Sift through our fantastic assortment of wide flats fit for every occasion. Not far flung but for sure, these flats are flatout fashion-friendly. Shop Kohl's for a fine selection of no-show and liner socks for flat-out style you won't want to miss. And no ensemble can be complete without pairing it with purse, handbag or tote from Kohl's. And finally, bring the whole lovely look together with a belt from Kohl's.

Womens Wide Sandals

When wandering your warm and winding way along the beach or trail, it's wonderful to be wearing wide sandals that fit just right. Make you strolls leisurely and lovely in some sandals sure to send smiles for miles! Pair and accessorize your laid back look with a practical and stylish purse, handbag or tote from Kohl's. Then, bring the whole surf and turf style together with a beautiful belt from Kohl's.