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Yankee Candles

Add some warm lighting and scented ambience to your home with a new Yankee Candle from Kohl’s! Our selection of Yankee Candle Company items invite your friends and family to kick back and relax. We offer plenty of varieties of Yankee Candles to choose from, meaning there’s a fragrance out there that will perfectly suit any room in your home.

For an easy way to create an inviting living space, complete with a soothing fragrance, add a Yankee Candle from Kohl’s to any room, and create a home that’s welcoming, warming, and inviting!

Types of Yankee Candle Products

Of course, Yankee Candle is most well known for their selection of jar candles. These are your typical candle options, which are available in multiple sizes, a wide range of scents, and come complete with one, two, or three wicks.

Jar candle scents cover everything from warm fragrances that are easy to snuggle up to on a cold winter’s night, to refreshing scents that add subtle ambience to your home at any time. And with the handsome jar display offering classic appeal and sophistication, any Yankee Candle will fit perfectly in with your home’s decor.

Aside from jar candles, Kohl’s offers additional Yankee Candle fragrance accessories that add inviting fragrances to your house. These products include wax melts and tarts, wax warmers, fragrance spheres, diffusers, auto air fresheners, and more!

With a complete collection of Yankee Candle items, your home will feel extra inviting and welcoming to friends, family, and guests, as the lovely fragrances fill each room with fragrances that offer comfort and relaxation!

Flameless Candle Options for Your Home

While Yankee Candles provide the perfect setting for a relaxing evening at home, Kohl’s offers plenty of other candle accessories and products that enhance the look and feel of your home even more.

Perhaps you live in a situation where burning candles might not be allowed, or you’d like to provide a long-lasting relaxing setting without the need for relighting and replacing extinguished candles. In these scenarios, flameless candles are perfect for you.

Running on battery power and designed to look just like wax candles, flameless candles offer an authentic look, but have none of the potential negatives real candles offer - like being a potential fire danger, or simply running out of wax and losing its light. Flameless candles can also feature timer settings, remote controls, and other ease-of-use functions that make them ideal for any living situation.

At Kohl’s, we also also offer candle holders, flameless votive and tealight candles, fragrance plug-ins, and more, all providing illumination, soothing scents, and inviting ambience without the need for flames.

With a new variety of Yankee Candles added to your home, you can be sure that any guests visiting will enjoy their time, as each room will offer an inviting scent that calms and sets a relaxing mood. Make Kohl’s your one-stop show for all home decor, and create a living space you’ll love!