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Fun Outdoor Games for Your Family

When the sun is out and the weather is just right, you'll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. It's the perfect opportunity for a get together. Whether with family or friends, one of the best parts about big outdoor parties is the games. Discover our selection of fun outdoor games for your family!

Group outdoor games are especially fun since everyone gets involved. Get a glimpse of everyone's competitive side with a cornhole yard game tournament! Other classic yard games, like a bocce ball set or a lawn dart game set are perfect for guests of any age. When it comes to backyard kid's games try something straight-forward, like ring toss. If you want to make it more exciting, change it to human ring toss. For this entertaining twist, use inflatable pool tubes and toss them onto your family! You also can't go wrong with a giant parachute. You know; the one you got to hide under during the best day of school. Heck, adults will have tons of with that one too! No matter what games you choose, your family and friends will have fun spending time together.

Whether a family reunion, graduation party, or just your standard Friday night bbq, Kohl's has the best assortment of outdoor yard games for a great time!