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Download the Kohl’s App to help you shop and save throughout the season.

Kohl’s Wallet

All your Kohl’s Cash® and coupons are automatically added to your Wallet for easy holiday shopping.

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Kohl’s Pay

Kohl’s Pay

Save time this holiday with one easy scan that redeems coupons and pays. Plus Kohl’s Card users can pay instantly with a linked account.

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Shop My Store

Browse your favorite Kohl’s store from the comfort of your home. Place an order with Fast & Free Store Pickup for hassle-free holiday shopping

Free Shipping

Can’t find the perfect gift at your local Kohl’s? Find it within the app when in store and get free standard shipping.

Free Store Pickup

Shopping for last-minute gifts is easy when you choose Free Store Pickup. Orders are ready within 2 hours.

Kohl’s Rewards

Spend any earned rewards on your holiday shopping list and easily track when you’ll receive your next reward.

Manage Kohl’s Card

Scheduling a payment to your Kohl’s Card has never been easier when using the app. No Kohl’s Card? Sign up today and save an additional 35% off your first purchase.

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Coupon Reminders

Enable push notifications to learn about the best savings of the season. We’ll even alert you before your Kohl’s Cash expires.

My Store Map

Use the My Store Map to quickly find gifts for eveyone on your list.

Download the Kohl’s App

to help jumpstart your holiday shopping.

Kohl’s App

Download the Kohl’s App today to discover the many new ways to save both time and money while shopping.

Kohl’s Wallet is the best way to keep track of your savings. We’ll automatically load any earned Kohl’s Cash, Rewards and promotional offers into your Wallet. You can load gift cards to quickly access and use them at checkout.

Kohl’s Pay is an in-store shopping tool that allows you to quickly select all your saved Kohl’s Cash and discount offers and apply them with one powerful scan at checkout. Link your Kohl’s Card to Save + Pay directly from the Kohl’s App when shopping in store.

Check out the new Kohl’s Rewards. You’ll earn 5% Kohl’s Rewards on every purchase, every day. Use the Kohl’s App to quickly track when you will receive your next reward.

Can’t find the size or color you need when shopping in store? You’ll always receive FREE shipping when you order items from the Kohl’s App when visiting your local store.

Create your own shopping list or share your list with friends and family so they know exactly what to get you as a gift.