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Snuggle up with the softness provided by plush toys and wellness items from Warmies, found right here at Kohl’s! Perfect for all ages, Warmies offer even more relaxation and cuddles than your typical plush toy, as they are microwaveable for warming, are infused with lavender to aid in calming and sleep encouragement, and are weighted for even more soothing effects.

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What Sets Warmies Apart from Other Plush Toys?

At first glance, Warmies might look just like any other adorable plush toy you’ve seen before. However, Warmies provide several other features that set them apart from the rest!

First of all, Warmies can be warmed in a microwave per the instructions on the tags to experience soothing warmth and aromatic comfort, or chilled in a freezer for cold therapy. Either way, a Warmies plush toy can provide comfort in the exact way it’s needed.

Another benefit of Warmies is that they are scented with real lavender. For centuries lavender has been synonymous with tranquility, relaxation, serenity, soothing and calm. Warmies contain just the right amount of real dried French lavender, sourced from local growers in Provence, France.

Lastly, Warmies are perfectly weighted to provide a calming and positive sensory experience.

All these factors combine to make Warmies ideal for anyone who needs a little snuggle in their day!

You can also find Warmies products in a variety of non-plush toy styles, like booties, eye masks, neck wraps, and hand warmers. These items still feature some of the same qualities of the plush toys, in that they can also be warmed in the microwave and are scented with lavender.

Warmies products from Kohl’s provide you and your family with multiple ways that encourage relaxation and comfort! Shop Kohl’s for all your cozy essentials, including slippers, pajamas, and more, and get ready to kick back and relax!