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Calico Critters

Your child will love to use their imagination when playing with adorable Calico Critter toys! This line of miniature animal figures, with homes, furniture and accessories, is sure to be a playtime favorite.

Calico Critters are designed with remarkable attention to detail, as the critters are fully poseable and are made using a unique soft-flocking process, which gives their "fur" a smooth, velvety texture. All are dressed in outfits designed for each individual character. And their homes, furniture and accessories have lots of functioning parts and real-life detail.

All these features make Calico Critters perfect for your child's collection!

Types of Calico Critters Toys

The main type of Calico Critters that are available at Kohl's are the dolls and doll houses. Calico Critter dolls come in a wide variety of animal types, including dogs, rabbits, pandas, and more. Each doll lends a charming look, with adorable outfits adorning each one. And be sure to check out the line of Calico Critter family sets, complete with parents and children!

Calico Critters doll houses give the sweet animal families a cute place to call their own! Some of the doll house options come complete with furniture, accessories, and other items that add a touch of realism to their playtime experience.

Other Calico Critter structures are available, too, including cottages, schools, tree houses, businesses, and more. These buildings expand the world your little one is creating, giving them even more imaginative play options.

And even if the doll house you choose does come with some accessories, you're sure to wish to enhance the play space with even more cute touches! Complete room accessories are available, making it easy to fully furnish the doll house's bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms, and more!

When your child wants to move their figures away from their home, it's best to load them up in one of the Calico Critters vehicles we offer! These automobile toys offer plenty of room for figures, allowing the entire family of critters to take off on an adventure! No matter if your little one wishes to send their Calico Critters on a picnic, off to school, or anywhere else they can dream up, a detailed vehicle is the perfect means of playtime transportation!

With a brand new collection of Calico Critters, your child can create a world of their own, featuring adorable animal figures, detailed accessories and environments, and plenty of other essentials that will spark their imagination during playtime.

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