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Computer Backpacks

Students, business professionals, and travelers alike all require one item to hold their essentials close to them: a high-quality laptop backpack! Whether you’re looking to protect your tech, organize your commute, or travel with added durability, you’ll find versatile options at Kohl’s. Computer backpacks feature extra room for electronic devices like your laptop, cell phone, chargers, and a variety of other items. Look for styles that have padded laptop sleeves that provide an extra layer of protection for your computer. Many of our options even include extra pockets for laptop accessories including charging cords, a wireless mouse, and more!

Do Computer Backpacks Replace the Need for a Laptop Case?

Backpacks have become one of the most common methods of carrying laptops for commuting. Sure, you could use a regular backpack but we recommend using a bag specifically designed to hold a computer. Laptop bookbags are also a great alternative to laptop cases if you regularly take public transportation. There may be limited legroom and space, so you’ll want a bag that’s compact enough not to crowd your legs or bump into other riders.

How to Ensure Your Devices Stay Protected in Your Backpack

Sometimes you only need to take your laptop. Other times, you're commuting to work or stacking in a semester's worth of schoolbooks. And then there are the times when you're traveling. That’s why it’s important to find a backpack that can accommodate your lifestyle and keep your devices protected while doing it.

Be sure to place your device in a protective case with slim, reinforced sleeves. It’s best not to store your laptop in a bag with food or drinks. However, if you have food or liquids in your backpack, make sure that they are in a secure container so that you avoid damaging your case or bag. Even though you have a reliable bag, you’ll always want to handle it with care. Avoid throwing it or letting it drop to the floor. Also, try not to stack heavy items on top of it.

Can You Check Or Carry On a Laptop Backpack?

Yes, a backpack counts as a personal item that you can take on a plane with you. You can store your personal item underneath the seat in front of you or place it in the overhead bin. However, it’s important to first read the airline’s size and weight requirements before bringing it along with you to ensure that it meets their standards.

Types of Laptop Bags

Kohl's has all the brands of backpacks you trust, like JanSport and SwissGear in a variety of styles. We offer backpack options for the whole family, including kids' laptop backpacks. And be sure to coordinate your backpack with the rest of your look with various color options.

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