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Time to Accessorize

Accessories for men

That's right men, it's time to accessorize. Jewelry isn't something solely for women. You may not have thought about it, but a lot of the things you wear on a daily basis count as jewelry! Your watch counts, so does any sort of bracelet, and especially your ring if you wear one.

Whatever your thoughts may be about jewelry, consider how they might be able to work better for you. It's not just about flashy, but also functional. Much of how you choose to wear your accessories will come down to style and comfort. Ask yourself: is your current style how you want to look? Even if you answer yes, Kohl's has much to offer with men's jewelry and you may want to stick around and take a look.

Which accessory(ies) are right for you?

Whether you choose one piece or five, you need to figure out which are the right choice for you. Most pieces can go very well together, if metals are properly matched. Conversely if you're wearing too many different colors, then you may struggle to solidify your overall look. What's important is deciding what your outfit needs, and how it needs them. This comes from landing on your specific occasion and accessorizing accordingly!


Going to a black tie event? Think simple and understated. The point of black tie is conversation, so you should be mindful to dress well, but not loudly. This same rule applies to your accessories. It's about complementing subtlety rather than destroying it. When dressing for business, it's okay to go a bit more flashy. A substantial watch (larger profile, flashier) is definitely what you want, since it makes a strong statement about you.

Keeping these things in mind, also consider the watch face. In a business setting, something louder with big numerals (or even a digital face) could be perfectly acceptable. But if you're going for a black tie event, then you'll want to stick with low-profile designs. Furthermore, if you're going for a casual look, consider a more nonchalant watch. Something too fancy will likely distract from your look, and could even be at risk while out and about. Plus, variety never hurt anyone.


If watches aren't your thing, give a bracelet a shot. In a professional setting, consider a subtle metal bracelet that won't be distracting to yourself, and others. Choosing a metal bracelet also complements the business aesthetic nicely. A gold bracelet is a great way to flex status very subtly. Especially if you aren't interested in sporting a watch, you can accomplish the metallic vibe without any of the weight involved, nor the flash. On the other hand, a silver or gray metal bracelet will be extremely subtle, but help boost your presence with a slight shine.

When you're looking to accessorize for more casual situations, you have a lot more freedom. You can have some darker metal bracelets, or simply go for some decorative leather styles to complement your outfit. Leather bracelets have a lot of outfit versatility, so find a size and style that works best for you!


These are the most widely acknowledged form of jewelry for a man to wear. But if you're married or not, rings aren't only meant for the ring finger. Despite there being an overwhelming number of wedding rings out there, Kohl's has plenty of rings that don't fit the wedding bill.

When it comes to which style and finger, you clearly have a few choices. If you're unmarried, avoid your left ring finger, so you don't confuse your friends and family. If you're feeling trendy, pick up a highly durable tungsten ring for your middle or pinky finger. If you're someone with a truckload of personality, consider something high profile for your index finger to give yourself a subtly powerful vibe.