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Earrings for Kids

Your little one will look absolutely adorable with kids' earrings from Kohl's! Once the initial ear piercing healing period is over, you can begin to switch up your child's look with a variety of earring styles and designs like kids hoop earrings, kids stud earrings, and kids drops. Our entire selection of earrings offers many versatile options to choose from, so you'll find just the perfect item you need to keep your little one looking and feeling their best. Shop the selection of kids essentials at Kohl's, and find all the items you need to take your child's look to a whole new level!

How to Choose Kids Earrings

1. Select Kids Earrings with Safety in Mind

Pierced earrings have almost become a rite of passage. If your little one enjoys playing dress up or playing with jewelry, then there's nothing quite as fun and exciting as shopping for earrings. While conducting your search for the perfect pair, you may begin thinking about the special occasions that she'll dress up for and the best way to match the color to her outfit. However, it's important to keep her safety in mind as well.

Not all earrings are made with children in mind. Therefore, if your child has allergies or sensitive skin, look for nickel-free earrings. Other options such as sterling silver or 14K gold hypoallergenic earrings are generally less irritating to newly pierced ears. For very young children and babies, opt for screw-backed earrings to keep them secure. Screw back earrings are the most secure type of earring backs because it will need to be fully unscrewed and cannot be pulled off. This not only reduces the chances of the earring being lost but it also prevents it from being swallowed.

2. Take Your Child's Personality into Account

It's safe to say that kids have a vivid imagination when it comes to dressing up as their favorite show or movie character. So, whether she wants to experience royalty with Disney princess earrings or be apart of the Mickey-Minnie-Goofy-Pluto crew with Mickey Mouse & Friends earrings, let her imagination run free with special character earrings!

Does your child have a favorite color? Earrings add color and personality to any outfit. Choose from a variety of options like blue, pink, and yellow earrings. Or if you want to give your child a sentimental gift, opt for an array of sparkling colors and semi-precious stones with birthstone jewelry.

3. Consider an Earring Set

Can't choose between different earrings? If you're not sure what style, shape, or color earring to choose, she'll have the perfect pair for any occasion with a charming earring set. From simulated pearl and crystal studs to huggie hoops and heart stud earrings, she'll have the endless styles that add a delightful touch to any outfit. With so many gorgeous designs to choose from, the hardest decision is just choosing one!

Kids earrings from Kohl's are sure to provide an adorable style that's perfect for your little one's look. Kohl's has a wide variety of kid's accessories and apparel to choose from like kid's shoes, children's toys, and clothing. Rest assured, you'll find the right option you need to keep your kiddo looking and feeling great all day long. Find all kids apparel must-haves at Kohl's, and complete their clothing collection with ease!

Be sure to also shop our full line of men's, women's, and kid's essentials for even more of all the items that fit your family's style!