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Protect your home and the decor you place in it by adding a rug pad from Kohl’s! A rug pad offers many benefits, all of which you’ll want to take advantage of to keep you living space looking at its best for as long as possible!

Kohl’s is your destination for all your home decor needs, from area rugs to furniture, window treatments to wall art. With a home that features on-trend home essentials, you’ll be sure to create a living space that’s welcoming and inviting to guests, friends, and family that you open your doors to!

Why Do You Need a Rug Pad?

Adding a rug to the rooms in your home is a great way to update the look and feel of the space. But just adding a rug might not be enough to ensure the rug is able to last for years, and the other parts of the room stay in tip-top shape, too.

One benefit to adding a rug pad underneath that new area rug is that rug pads keep your rug from slipping, sliding, and getting bunched up. A bunched up rug, or one that slips around easily, acts as a hazard for those who pass through the space. It’s easy to trip on a bunched up rug, and a sliding rug can pose a fall danger as well.

A rug pad also offers protection for both your rug, as well as the surface below it. A rug pad offers (surprise!) padding that offers cushioning that keeps the rug from wearing out quickly. The rug pad will also protect the floor below it, as rugs sometimes come with an abrasive backing. A rug pad keeps this abrasive material off of hardwood floors or other surfaces, keeping them looking great as well.

What Rug Pad Size Do You Need?

The general guideline for picking out the right size rug pad is to choose one that’s two inches shorter in length and width of the rug you are placing it under. Of course, you can always choose a pad that is bigger than the rug and cut it down to the necessary size. However, don’t go any shorter than the two-inch rule mentioned above, as a pad that small will not give much protection at all.

Choosing the Right Pad For Your Floor Surface

When it comes to picking out a pad to place under an area rug, be sure to take note of the type of floor that sits beneath where the rug is placed. This can impact which pad material can be used.

For example, if you have vinyl flooring, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s guide on the vinyl floor you have in your home. Pads made of certain materials, like PVC, cannot be used on most vinyl flooring.

If the rug pad will be placed on carpet, look for carpet-specific pads that work great. Rubber-based pads are not advised for use on carpet, as the material can wear down the carpet after continuous use.

Many rug pads are designed to be used on all kinds of surfaces, so you should find one that fits your needs. However, to be safe, always read the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging or the pad itself to ensure proper use that will keep your home and its decor looking its best!

Shop Kohl’s for all your area rug needs, including rug pads that offer protection and added padding. With a home filled with decor from Kohl’s, you’re sure to create a living space you, your friends, and family will love!