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Window treatments are far more important to a room than they get credit for. First, they add privacy. Then, in addition to making it easier to adjust the lighting, they also help to keep a steady temperature. Beyond that, window treatments can help set the style and tone of your home. With new fabrics and patterns, you can give your space a totally different feel! And Kohl's has an amazing assortment of white and black curtains, drapes, and window treatments!

White drapes can really help set the style of a living room or master bedroom by grounding your room's color palette. They're versatile and will allow you to easily change up your decor without having to do a total room makeover. White sheer curtains are perfect for a subtle and delicate look. It's good to note that sheers still allow natural light to come through. If you're looking to block light or simply looking for a more dramatic look, try white blackout curtains. They'll keep out unwanted light and aid in regulating your room's temperature. We also have a great selection of white valances. Whether traditional, mid-century modern, coastal, or contemporary, you'll be able to find great white window treatments for your style.

For the best white curtains, drapes, and window treatments, look no further than Kohl's!