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Blackout Curtains

Find a range of blackout curtains that are full offunction—and certainly don't skimp on style—available from Kohl's today. Whether you're trying to block out unwanted sunlight while you catch up on some much-needed sleep, make sure that your home theater experience is picture-perfect, or even cut down on your energy costs, Kohl's has abountiful selection of blackout curtains that's sure to contain exactly the set and style that suits your needs.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

What are blackout curtains? A little hint: It's all in the name. Blackout curtains are designed to cut out as much as 99% of the light that enters through a set of windows. With specially designed and typically far thicker fabrics, these curtains work to absorb and reflect as much light back out of your home as possible.

Strategically placed within your home and correctly employed, blackout curtains and their room darkening ability can actually provide a number of potential benefits to anyone in your home.

Blackout Curtains for Your Entertainment

Even the latest and greatest in home theater electronics can still be prone to glare and other ill effects caused by the light that infiltrates your media room. Blackout curtains and, more specifically, those labeled extreme theater grade blackout curtains, put the kibosh on that pesky light that peaks through other, lesser window treatments. By stopping this bright light—whether it's from the daytime sun or nighttime street lights—from trickling through, these curtains help you enjoy your favorite films, TV shows, and more in your screen's ideal lighting for premium picture quality.

Window Treatments that Help You Save

What's more, room-darkening curtains not only help you see but help you save! As you peruse our wide variety of window treatments, be on the lookout for energy-efficient curtains and drapes. In most homes, a sizable amount of thermal energy escapes through windows. Likewise, this is where the surplus thermal energy in homes typically enters. Add blackout curtains to your casements and you can help alleviate this common issue. These specially designed items work to cut down on your energy bills all year round: By keeping the heat out of your home during the summer, they can help you reduceyour use of any air-conditioning units and fans in your home. And come winter, they'll actually work to keep the heat in the room, so not only will you be able to enjoy a visually stunning movie night with your loved ones, you'll be able to do so in a warmer and cozier room, too!

Blackout Curtains in the Bedroom

Additionally, and perhaps most crucially, blackout curtains make for excellent bedroom curtains, and can actually help improve the quality of your sleep. With the proliferation of mobile technology, there's already enough light in our lives that can potentially disrupt our ability to get high-quality sleep. Blackout curtains deliver a deeply darkened room that virtually eliminates ambient light-related distractions so that you can get some shut-eye. This room-darkening effect is particularly useful for those that might follow atypical sleep patterns. For night-shift workers and even children with especially early bedtimes, blackout curtains can help simulate a post-twilight environment that helps keep their sleep in rhythm.

Blackout Curtains: Beyond the Benefits

All these aspects of blackout curtains, of course, don't entail a sacrifice of stylishness. Don't let the name fool you: blackout curtains aren't limited to only the darkest colors in the color wheel. When browsing blackout curtains you can expect just as much diversity as with, say, sheer curtains. At Kohl's, you'll find these window treatments in any number of styles. Choose from eye-catching patterns—paisley, flowers, and more—that can add a touch of panache to an otherwise austere room, or select an elegant monochrome that sets up just the right degree of contrast against your walls. Pick your pattern and colorway, and also get choosy about the way your drapes hang, with our wide selections of both grommet-topped and rod pocket curtains. When it comes to shopping at Kohl's you get to have it both ways, with items that offer eminently helpful functionality alongside contemporary and classic styles. Browse our home décor items today and beautify your home in a way that, truly, works for you.

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