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One-Piece Pajamas for the Entire Family

There’s no doubt that pajamas are the ultimate relaxation clothing. Cuddle with your crew in cozy, coordinated comfort with matching one-piece pajamas! Contrary to belief, one-piece pajama sets are not just for kids and babies. These bedtime outfits provide an adorable look, paired with fabric that keeps you comfy all night long. You can find many styles of matching sleepwear that are great for the whole family, so mom, dad, and the kids can get in on the action! When you’re ready to let your inner sloth out, head to Kohl’s for all of your one-piece pajamas and nighttime essentials.

What are One-Piece Pajamas?

If you haven’t worn one-piece pajamas before, you’re missing out on some great comfort and fun. Featuring a zip front and long sleeves, footed pajamas are perfect for keeping you warm and comfortable all night long. Similar to a bodysuit, footed pajamas are a style of loose-fitting casual jumpsuits for children and adults. They’re mostly intended as loungewear or sleepwear but some styles can also be worn as streetwear.

One-piece pajamas are typically made of knit cotton, fleece, or polyester to maximize comfy lounging everywhere you go. In addition to footed pajamas, be sure to also shop our wide selection of family pajama sets to keep the entire household cozy and stylish the whole night through.

Footed Pajamas Styles

Dressing up for any occasion is essential, and sleep is definitely an important one. No matter what style you choose, you’ll be ready for a full night’s rest in cozy PJs.

Pajamas with hoods

It’s great to have your arms and legs covered on those chilly nights, but what about your neck and head? Opt for footed pajamas with a hood to protect against the chill morning air as you sip your coffee or tea outdoors.

Pajamas with pockets

It’s difficult to carry around essential items while simultaneously completing tasks without pockets. Whether you want to keep things close to you or just keep your hands warm, footed pajamas with pockets are the way to go.

Pajamas with the feet in

It can get pretty cold when the temperature drops. If you prefer not to have your feet out, opt for a style with the feet in to keep them warm and cozy.

Pajamas for Various Holidays and Occasions

You’re sure to find many different types of coordinating pajama sets for your family that celebrate all kinds of holidays and events. Especially popular are the pajama sets that honor mom and dad, and are designed around both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You can also find fun collections that celebrate Halloween, Christmas, TV/movie characters, and more. These pajamas recognize any event with festive patterns, graphics, and colors, making them ideal for snapping a pic of your family in their coordinating outfits, and sharing on social media with other friends and family!

Other Sleepwear Options

You don’t have to wait to find sleepwear in the styles you’re looking for. Now’s the time to explore pajama top and bottom essentials. And when you’re looking for something to pamper yourself, opt for a plush robe to make you feel like you’re at a spa right in your home. You’ll also find kids one-piece pajamas for the little ones to keep them snuggled up in warmth.

Kohl's has a wide selection of pajamas to choose from, with many different styles and colors available, including pajama sets, gowns, and plus sleepwear, so you can be sure we have the right option you need for your bedtime wardrobe. At Kohl's, you know that you can find all the apparel necessary for every season and any event.

Be sure to shop our full line of clothes and other essentials for all your family's wardrobe needs!